Guy Martin and his 52 express goals to break the speed record

Guy Martin is one of the most fearless men in the world. For years, the daring motorcycle racer took part in the Isle of Man TT, perhaps the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world. Unfortunately, he never won the incredible race, even though he came so close several times. Although he took 17 podiums in the race, he has not contested any races since retiring from motorcycle racing in 2017. In addition, he has won several other motorcycle races and received great public support for his efforts.

However, what made Martin so famous may be his TV exploits. His charismatic personality made him popular with many, and he has set many world records on some crazy machines, and right now Martin is setting another world speed record. Martin is chasing the motorcycle speed record he tried before, but is now testing the 52 express streamliners to set the record in the high-salt desert of Uyuni in Bolivia in 2023. Guy Martin shows once again how fearless he is.

The 52 express

52 Express Land speed record motorcycleon Facebook

The 52 Express project is led by former GP and TT sidecar racer Alex Macfadzean and is one of the most outrageous looking contraptions you are likely to ever see. It is powered by a 1,200 horsepower Rolls-Royce Gem gas turbine engine and has a double parachute arrangement for slowing down. The current world record is 376 miles per hour, which was set in 2010 by the American Rocky Robinson on board a 1,000 hp Suzuki. The 52 Express team, led by Project 100, is hoping to hit 400 mph and possibly more in 2023.

Macdazean has a good track record. In 2001 he helped develop the motorcycle that broke the British land speed record in 1991 and helped American Don Vesco hit a four-wheel drive record of 458 mph in 2001. He is well positioned to help Martin set another world record and compliment his impressive résumé. Martin has tested the 52 Express in its current form at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, Great Britain, and has so far brought the bike to just under 250 km / h. However, this is not the first time Martin has set out to break the motorcycle speed record.

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The attempt at triumph

The-world's-fastest-Triumph-the-Triumph-Infor-Rocket-Streamlinerabout the engineer

In 2016, Martin went to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to break the motorcycle speed record with Triumph. Martin’s motorcycle was the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner, and he was trying to break the speed record, which he tries again. However, things did not go according to plan. On one of his runs to set the FIA-sanctioned record, Martin had a fall that ruined the team’s chances of setting the record. What didn’t help the team was that the current record breakers were also present in Bonneville.

The rear wheel lost traction and tipped the wheel on its side, and luckily Martin was able to escape the wheel unscathed. There was some consolation in this attempt, however. Martin could at least set a record for the Triumph company, setting a record of 274.2 mph, which was the fastest a Triumph motorcycle had ever ridden. The previous record at the time was 245.6 mph. However, the Triumph Rocket was a rather unusual looking machine, while the 52 Express, when fully disguised, looks like it is sure to be doing business while attempting the record.

Martin’s current records

Guy Martin in the Triumph Streamliner Bikevia motorcycle news

Martin has set an impressive number of records over the years and has faced different challenges since retiring from motorcycle racing. His records include the UK record for the fastest hovercraft at 75.21 mph and the fastest tractor in the world, his most recent record set in October 2019 at 135.191 mph. Martin has also participated in challenges with the Williams F1 team. Become a member of your pit crew for the 1207 Belgian Grand Prix and take part in an old vs. new F1 challenge with Jenson Button.

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Will he break the record?

Guy Martin in the 52 Express Bikeon Facebook

The question of whether Martin will break the world speed record for motorcycles is difficult to answer. The endeavor is clearly fraught with dangers, and his triumphant accident will be a reminder of that. Going up to 400 mph on a motorcycle is certainly not for the faint of heart. However, Martin is a man who is not afraid to push the limits and take on challenges that perhaps no one else will, and there is no doubt that he will give everything to hit that fabled 400 mile record.

Sources: Facebook, The Engineer, Motorcycle News

Guy martin

8 Quick Facts About Guy Martin

Guy Martin is an Isle of Man TT racer who rose to be a superstar thanks to his eclectic personality.

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