F1 Vettel & Schumacher team up for the Race of Champions 2022 | F1

Vettel and Schumacher join Valtteri Bottas as three active F1 drivers who have registered for the Race of Champions.

After a two-year absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event returns with Sweden as the host country.

The 2022 edition of the event will take place February 5-6 on an ice rink built on the frozen Baltic Sea in Sweden.

Vettel is no stranger to the Race of Champions and won six Nations Cups in a row for Germany with Michael Schumacher from 2007 to 2012.

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I am very happy to be back at the start of the Race of Champions and to represent Germany together with Mick, ”said Vettel. “At ROC Mexico we finished second in the ROC Nations Cup, so our goal is to get even better in Sweden.”

“The competition will be very strong, especially from the Nordic drivers, who have a lot more experience than we do on snow and ice.”

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Schumacher added: “We have to continue the success of Team Germany and fight for victory, and we will both take that very seriously!

“The other teams, especially the Nordic ones, may have more experience in ice skating, but we will try to balance this with our motivation and resilience over the days of the event.

“In any case, I’m really looking forward to meeting all the other drivers and spending time with them on the Race of Champions weekend.”

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